Winner 2018 Qld Literary Awards Glendower Award for an Emerging Queensland Writer

October 26, 2018

Winner winner tofu dinner. I won't say this is beyond my wildest dreams because it's been my 'dream' to win this award for about five years, so it's all a bit parallel universe to have done it. I'm just very happy that it's happened in this universe. Anyway, I'll ease up on the self-promo bore stuff to just say I am beyond thrilled to be the winner of this award for my little-MS-that-could Garrison Town and another yard or so thrilled beyond that to have University of Queensland Press (UQP) as my publisher. Garrison Town will be coming to a bookshop near you next (probably) around September 2019. The thing I'm looking forward to most? Seeing what the cover looks like. Also, congratulations to all the 2018 Queensland Literary Awards winners -- I truly can't believe the company I'm in.

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