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Editing, Mentor and Copywriting Services

manuscript Assessment

All prose genres, including memoir, commercial contemporary and historical fiction

Report-style assessment including:

  • Structural integrity and plot

  • Style, voice, and prose quality

  • Setting and imagery

  • Characterisation and character arcs

  • Theme and genre 

  • Marketability

  • First-chapter mark-up of your manuscript (or first 10 pages)

Structural & Copyediting

A bespoke editing service based on your goals and the stage of your manuscript


  • Plot and structural integrity  

  • Characterisation and setting

  • Scenes and transitions

  • Thematic focus

  • Imagery and descriptive language

  • Style, voice consistency, and prose quality and flow

  • Diction and sentence structure

  • Line-level editing (spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax)

  • Proofreading 

  • Formatting

  • Word use

  • Fact checking

Mentoring Services

Tailored to meet your writing and publishing goals


  • All genres (excluding poetry)

  • Short stories

  • Novels and creative nonfiction (including memoir)

  • Articles and essays

  • Publishing advice

  • Goal setting 

  • Creative writing tuition 

  • Synopsis and query letters

  • General copyediting for style, voice, tense, scene transitions (not the same as proofreading for publication)


'I struggled to make sense of my first draft. My memoir used extensive back story alongside a linear arc. Transitions were confusing and overwriting diluted the narrative. Then I turned to Melanie. Within a week she provided editorial support that suggested a change of tense, tightened my writing and added an invaluable roadmap to improve structural clarity. Regrets? One. I wish I had found her sooner. Thank you, Dr Melanie Myers!' 

                                                               Richard West                             

I found Melanie' s constructive feedback when preparing my book for publishing,  of tremendous help. When writing my book Jae-Dee Survives the Home of Many Mothers, a fictional story inspired by a memoir. Melanie was able to give me an independent and outside view on the writing that I had become too close to. I was unable to critically analyse my writing or see where my writing required improvement.Because I wrote my book from the  first voice of the "Inner Child" my vocabulary and expression became limited. Melanie was able to suggest that I bring a third voice to add depth, perspective and hindsight. Melanie suggestions, and supportive words were very helpful.I gained the confidence to progress my writing to its final outcome.I would have no hesitation recommending Melanie Myers for anyone requiring an editor or mentor during their writing journey to publishing.

                                                                                                     Denise Hammond

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